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Blog Promotion

5 Blog Promotion Tips to Boost Traffic

August 3, 2020

Starting a new blog can be fun, dreaming about the...

Social Media Marketing

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

July 24, 2020

Earlier social media was a platform where people made accounts...


Blog Promotion

5 Blog Promotion Tips to Boost Traffic

August 3, 2020

Starting a new blog can be fun, dreaming about the traffic you will get on your website because your content is interesting and informative. But...

Social Media Marketing

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

July 24, 2020

Earlier social media was a platform where people made accounts to interact with their peers and share their life events. Today it is occupied by...

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Blog Promotion

5 Blog Promotion Tips to Boost Traffic

August 3, 2020

Starting a new blog can be fun, dreaming about the traffic you will get on your website because your content...

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Guide to Marketing on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media applications that has not only received a good amount of positive as well as negative comments but has also set a trend for ‘TikTok’ videos. With over 800 million active users, it is also regarded as one of the hottest social media platforms on the internet.

If this tricks you into believing it is just a social media platform for entertainment, then you’re wrong, because it is much more than just entertainment. Some leading brands have set their foot on this platform to enhance their traction and engagement with the customers.

According to the reports from the SessorTower, it is one of the most downloaded applications in 2020. Hence, TikTok is also considered a great option to increase the brand’s reach.

 Trends working on TikTok

This social media platform is an ocean of ideas and creative brains that either lip-sync, or create dance videos for the existing music on their database. Hence, a wide cultural trend works, but the ones that are already in existence achieve greater number of likes and comments.

For instance, the #toosieslide, is a recent trend that gained over 4.3B videos including from celebrities like Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber, who grooved to this Drake’s song.

Marketing companies and brands are rightly using this trend to enhance their reach to right customer and customer base and increase their popularity among the GenZ.

The TikTok algorithm

Social media applications like Instagram have always remained transparent about the working of their algorithm. But, only recently TikTok managed to break the ice and talk about the working of their algorithm. From the news, we can summarize the following:

  • Multiple Indications: The popularity of certain videos on TikTok depends on the performance of the video alone, and does not depend on the individual profile. This means if a brand produces good quality and informative videos, then depending on their performance they can substantially reach billions of viewers, even if they have very few followers.

Hence, likes, and comments play a major role. Some brands also work their brains and buy tiktok likes from various sources to enhance their brand’s reach.

  • Geo-location: Lindsay Ashcraft, a social media coordinator, rightly explains the effects of the location of the users, which plays a major role in detecting the recommended videos, based on traction and interaction. Hence, TikTok pours a rare opportunity to the small scale businesses to expand their reach on the platform.
  • Sound and hash tags: Hashtags play a crucial role in discovering certain pages and accounts. Trending hashtags like #you, #foryouetc help in increasing the traction. Sound refers to the music present on their database. Choosing a trending song or music will help in recognition of the videos to a larger set of audience.

5 Blog Promotion Tips to Boost Traffic

Blog Promotion

Starting a new blog can be fun, dreaming about the traffic you will get on your website because your content is interesting and informative. But good quality content is not all that your blog needs to build traffic. If you want to promote your blog the right way, you need effective strategies that can promote your blog as effectively as the quality of your content. Here are some tips you need to build a strong promotional strategy for your blog or website.

Target popular terms and phrases

The easiest way for a reader to get information is to do a quick google search. They type their question or topic on the search bar and get instant content relevant to their search. If you want readers to check out your content, you will need to optimize your content in accordance with what the readers will search for. Do the keyword search to find out what the readers are searching for and build your content around those keywords.

Use the best SEO practices

Use the best SEO practices

Optimize your website using online SEO tools to ensure that your readers find your best content whenever they search the same niche. Each page of your website should target one primary keyword and use on-page SEO best practices to optimize the page for a designated search term. You can use Alexa’s On-Page SEO checker to confirm that your site is optimized to the conditions of the SEO.

Leverage search engine marketing

You need to focus on organic SEO improvement to help promote your blog. It means that your practices should be focused on attracting new readers to your website. When you start SEO, the first thing you will need to do is to improve your rankings in SERPs. In the meantime, you can also pay the search engines to put ads for your content on the first page. Learn about SEM and PPC marketing and launch campaigns to make your content appear in front of audiences.

Implement social media promotions

Social media promotions

Social media marketing can play a very important role in directing the audience towards your blog. It is one way to let people know about your audience. The social media users search for hashtags and check newsfeeds to learn about new things. You can target the same elements of social media to push in your content to the users. Create multiple social media posts for each of your content and share it on different platforms.

Take help of online influencers

Today most of the trends are lead by social media influencers who already have a wide database of followers which they can divert to any product, service, or content. It is a great way to drastically increase your content’s visibility by having a powerful influencer to promote your work. You not only get the exposure, but the audience from the influencers will also be willing to check out your products if the influencer promotes it personally.

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Earlier social media was a platform where people made accounts to interact with their peers and share their life events. Today it is occupied by big and small businesses promoting their brands and interacting with their audience. Social media is becoming one of the most important aspects of any business in digital marketing. The businesses who still do not have effective strategies for their social media accounts are already behind their competitors in building an audience base. Here are the reasons why every business today needs social media marketing to be successful.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness

Social media is the closest and most entertaining medium to connect with the audience directly and promote any brand. It can be used to increase visibility and build networks. A good social media strategy can help in building your brand recognition. With only a few hours of social media every week, you can increase brand visibility and heighten your user experience.


Social media is the most cost-effective strategy compared to all the other marketing strategies. Almost all social marketing platforms are free to use. You can use paid advertising with minimum expenditure to start slowly and pay only for the audience you get. Staying cost-effective is important for your business in the early stages of marketing, and social media can provide the best solution with little investments.


Customer engagement

Social media is the second-best way to connect with your audience (the best one is still email marketing). You can communicate with the audience under comments or talk to them personally through messages. It makes your customers feel special when you reply to their comments and questions.


When customers have a way to connect with your directly, it will automatically increase their loyalty towards your brand. By providing customer satisfaction through customer query resolution, campaigns, and events, you will develop a better bond with them. The customers will use the platform to directly connect with your business which will also make them responsible for staying loyal to your brand.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Social media is an important networking and communication platform. It can become the voice of your company in front of your customers. Customers will appreciate when their comments will get the response from you personally rather than a computerized message. A business that wants to build its brand effectively will take time to compose a personal message for customers to provide customer satisfaction.

Enhanced SEO rankings

When you have a website online, your social media accounts can help in generating more traffic for your website. Social media presence is a vital part of calculating your rankings. Today with new SEO practices, it is no longer simply enough to maintain your website. Having a social media channel to share your blog product or service will send a brand signal to the search engine, which will help in boosting your brand visibility.



6 Tips to Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing

Quality Traffic

Today social media plays a much greater role for businesses and brands than it did years ago. Today it is not just a medium to connect with your friends, but also a way of businesses to get close to their audience. Social media marketing has become one of the crucial strategies to build brand awareness and quality traffic for businesses. When you need help in social media marketing but do not know where to start from, these tips will help you kickstart your marketing journey.

Set initial goals

You cannot start a journey without knowing your destination. You need to set your goals which will drive your entire marketing campaign. Be specific while writing down the goals and keep them realistic. Note them down and stick the paper on the top of your strategy board.

Target Audience

Learn about the target audience

Based on your blog, product, service, you will need to know what group of audience you are targeting. Learn about your target audience to figure out everything from which social media platforms to choose to build effective content.

Select social media platforms

You do not have to spam all kinds of social media platforms you find. Just be on the ones that suit your brand image. If you are a fashion company, you can try promotions on Instagram, but if you are a tech company, twitter will seem a better option for you. Similarly, Facebook is used by the NGOs and organisations that need to update regular news.

Build a game plan

Now you need a set of strategies that will run the campaigns for you for the next few months. Writing down your plan is the only way to turn your vision into reality. Your strategy should be in accordance with the social media platform. Set events, festive offers, hashtags, QnA sessions, etc. to engage your audience.

Content Calendar

Make a content calendar

You will need to set a routine to turn up for your audience regularly. No matter what you have to do, always find time to spend time in organising and publishing your social media account. One when you are posting content on a regular basis, your audience will find you legit and keep following you.

Use the right tools

When you see growth on your social media accounts, the next step is to get some social media tools. Controlling multiple accounts can be difficult if you have to keep track of them one by one. Instead, you can use a tool that can automate most of the process for your accounts, such as scheduling your social media updates ahead of time. You can also use SEO tools to learn about how much traffic your posts are generating and which post has been the most effective.

7 Things to Look for While Hiring a Social Media Agency

Social Media Agency

When you are ready to boost your presence online, you will need the right strategies to help manage your social media accounts so that your audience is always informed and entertained. Since anyone can make an account online, it is difficult for you to gain enough exposure if you do not have the right marketing strategies. Social media marketing agencies implement marketing practices for your accounts on all types of social media platforms. You need to make sure that you hire a reliable and effective marketing agency which has the best practices and tools to promote your social media accounts. Here are the things you should look out for in a social media agency.


Make sure that the social media agency you hire gets the engagement among the audience like they say. Managing an account on social media is easy even for a toddler, but only the pros know how to get the engagement and results from it.



A social media marketing agency should have the dedication to build the best audience for your accounts. They should demonstrate their creativity and dedication in their work and make everything all about you instead of themselves.

Customer service

Different products and services make a social media account. A social media marketing agency should be thorough with your company in case they get hit by a question on social media by a customer.

Client relationship

Social media agencies should make the right arrangements to always keep their clients informed about their processes. They should be available and responsive to all your problems and questions. You should feel important as a client to them.

Accurate estimation

A good social media agency will always make realistic promises. They will never promise a number which they will not be able to achieve in a given time. They should have effective tracking of their actual business. Many agencies get lost in getting recognized by their audience that they forget to achieve the actual business goals. If the agency has a clear path to lead your brand, you can go ahead with it.

Understanding my Niche

Understanding my Niche

When you are running a blog, you need to understand that your social media agency understands your niche to define your target audience. They should be able to craft effective messages and campaigns for your blog to get the best results.


A good social media agency should have the quality of ownership. They should work as a part of your brand to make the best decisions for you. Many companies bring in their own agendas of making profits when they get a client. Their focus should be on your success and your marketing strategies. They should not act as a vendor for your brand, but rather a trusted partner for your business.