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7 Microsoft Edge Flags to Try

Microsoft Edge gives you the opportunity to have a user friendly experience with some flags that would prove to be useful when the time is right. In this article, we discuss 7 Microsoft Edge Flags to try and the first one is where the password gets automatically filled in. Of course, there will be some websites where you would rather do away with this in order to focus more on what is in front of you. Another is heavy ads intervention as it will eliminate ads because these things will take up a lot of space in your computer. When that happens, you won’t have to worry about the memory of your computer suddenly decreasing.

There are a ton of temporary files that will pile up there when you go to websites that have a ton of ads in them. Of course, you would want to take that out as much as possible as these things will ruin your concentration. Another flag to try would be tab groups as it would allow you to properly classify several tab groups so that you will know what you need to access when the opportunity is right there in front of you. You will praise Microsoft Edge for a job well done and you can’t wait for them to increase the number of flags. Another one that is worth mentioning would be none other than parallel downloading as this will allow the downloads to go on a lot faster than usual. This is one time when you can’t really blame the speed of your Internet connection for having such a slow speed.

The fifth Microsoft edge flag that you must try would be credit card autofill which would give you a ton of suggestions when it would be time for you to fill out your credit card number. It is no secret that online shopping has become pretty popular nowadays since it is much safer rather than going out and meeting the traffic that will come your way. Of course, you would want to be safe from hackers so better activate this feature unless you have several credit cards with you. Sleeping Tabs is another flag that would be great to experiment on. After all, there are some tabs that we leave open after we forget to use them. That is the result of having a ton of flags open at the same time.

Add that to the fact that these tabs will automatically go to sleep after several days of not being used. Now, you won’t need to get too confused after seeing too many tabs open on your computer. Finally, there is the Quieter Notifications is one Microsoft Edge flag that will prevent you from getting surprised when a notification goes off. It will block the noise from interrupting you from what you were doing because nobody likes getting interrupted from doing something important. Of course, if you lose your concentration then that will have a drastic effect on what you’re doing.