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6 Tips to Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing

Today social media plays a much greater role for businesses and brands than it did years ago. Today it is not just a medium to connect with your friends, but also a way of businesses to get close to their audience. Social media marketing has become one of the crucial strategies to build brand awareness and quality traffic for businesses. When you need help in social media marketing but do not know where to start from, these tips will help you kickstart your marketing journey.

Set initial goals

You cannot start a journey without knowing your destination. You need to set your goals which will drive your entire marketing campaign. Be specific while writing down the goals and keep them realistic. Note them down and stick the paper on the top of your strategy board.

Target Audience

Learn about the target audience

Based on your blog, product, service, you will need to know what group of audience you are targeting. Learn about your target audience to figure out everything from which social media platforms to choose to build effective content.

Select social media platforms

You do not have to spam all kinds of social media platforms you find. Just be on the ones that suit your brand image. If you are a fashion company, you can try promotions on Instagram, but if you are a tech company, twitter will seem a better option for you. Similarly, Facebook is used by the NGOs and organisations that need to update regular news.

Build a game plan

Now you need a set of strategies that will run the campaigns for you for the next few months. Writing down your plan is the only way to turn your vision into reality. Your strategy should be in accordance with the social media platform. Set events, festive offers, hashtags, QnA sessions, etc. to engage your audience.

Content Calendar

Make a content calendar

You will need to set a routine to turn up for your audience regularly. No matter what you have to do, always find time to spend time in organising and publishing your social media account. One when you are posting content on a regular basis, your audience will find you legit and keep following you.

Use the right tools

When you see growth on your social media accounts, the next step is to get some social media tools. Controlling multiple accounts can be difficult if you have to keep track of them one by one. Instead, you can use a tool that can automate most of the process for your accounts, such as scheduling your social media updates ahead of time. You can also use SEO tools to learn about how much traffic your posts are generating and which post has been the most effective.

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